12 Most Divisive Movies Of 2018

10. Ready Player One

Suspiria 2018

Another movie that was largely written off before it even came out, with many moviegoers pointing to the trailers and, indeed, the source material itself as being representative of everything wrong with nerd culture and blockbuster filmmaking, Ready Player One was expected to be dead on arrival. The problem with this early assessment? You should never bet against Spielberg.

While the movie could have very easily become the indulgent shrine to big corporations that so many feared it would be, the director ensured that there was always the right balance of fan service and actual story, paying homage to plenty of fictional worlds, characters and plots, yes, but making sure compelling heroes and riveting action sequences tied it all together.

Of course, not everyone got the same enjoyment out of this slick nostalgia trip, and couldn't get over the dystopian plot which, despite all the bells and whistles, ultimately played out as predictably as most expected.


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