12 Most Effective Musical Moments In Film

These are the harmonious moments that perfected the union of music and cinema.

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Many beloved films contain instances inextricably linked to melodies. It is safe to say that, whether we love a film or not, there may be a musical moment that sticks with us.

Without their glorious music, cinematic spectacles like Blade Runner and the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be silent films that were never meant to be silent. There are also less memorable films with impressive scores, those that sometimes turn out to be the only standout element - Star Wars prequels, anyone?

Music seeps into our senses, making us forget when we want to and remember when we need to. A certain song may be associated with life's moments. Based on a soundtrack, we often know where we were when we first saw a film that went on to become a cult classic or one with personal meaning.

All of the following films (needless to say, HUGE spoiler alert) have in common sequences that unite characters with the power and significance of perfectly chosen compositions. In the words of the Bard - if music be the food of love, play on!

12. The Boathouse - The Last House On The Left (2009)

Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman
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After losing their son, a family visits their picturesque lake house for a vacation. However, a random turn of events leads to another tragedy. Following a chance encounter, the family decides to fight back.

This particular John Murphy piece scores the scene that shows daughter Mari (Sara Paxton) jumping into the lake again when they arrive. She has not been here since before her brother's death; she does not yet comprehend how this place from their childhood has changed for her.

What she does know is what the water means to her. What she knows is that her brother would want her to keep going, to keep swimming, to keep fighting. He would want her to hang on to her freedom in her world of water, the world where she is most comfortable.

The dynamic music forewarns of urgency and shows the importance of Mari having a sacred space. It is a short sequence, but it tells us more about the character than any line of dialogue in a remake that is a suspenseful, well-acted and nuanced psychological study of heroes and villains.

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