12 Most Fearsome Giants In Cinema

These literal cinematic heavies are head and shoulders above the rest.

Humans are naturally fascinated by the giants among us. They're often - pardon the pun - larger-than-life figures, all scale and spectacle. Motion pictures are also in the business of spectacle, and over the years a number of truly intimidating giants have graced the screen. They've been boxers, warlords, soldiers of fortune and tradesmen. They've hailed from everywhere from the blood-stained killing fields of the 5th century BCE to the darkest depths of space. Some of them are mindless brutes, while some of them are sensitive poets that might also kill you a little bit. When all is said and done, though, they have only two things in common: they're huge, and you really don't want them mad at you. To clarify, this is a list of very large humans, who are monstrous only due to their size and ferocity. You'll find no Hogwarts gamekeepers or fee-fi-fo-fum fairytale denizens here; mythological giants are a whole other category. Likewise, you'll find no Harryhausen cyclopes or Tsuburaya troglodyes, and most members of the city-smashing set are excluded. We're strictly discussing huge, anatomically human dudes, no extra limbs or horns or coats of fur. And definitely no gentle giants, either; you couldn't have these fellows over for a dinner party. Well, you could, but not without be violating a couple time-space laws and definitely voiding your homeowner's insurance. Spoilers abound, incidentally, so if you're the type of person who likes to watch movies about violent giants but hasn't yet seen a lot of movies starring violent giants, proceed with caution.

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