12 Most Hated Blockbuster Movie Endings

9. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

The Dark Knight Rises Ending

Bringing back Indiana Jones after a gap of almost 20 years was always a very bold and risky move. Leading man Harrison Ford wasn't exactly a spring chicken anymore, the classic 1930s time setting was no longer viable - and, worse yet in the eyes of many, the main creative driving force behind it all was a post-Star Wars prequels George Lucas.

The passage of time necessitated the action being moved forward to the 1950s, and along with it Indy's former hated enemies the Nazis were replaced with Soviets. None of this was necessarily a problem - but Lucas's insistence on hinging the action on a macguffin of extra-terrestrial rather than supernatural origin proved a bit of a sticking point with many viewers.

As such, when the grand finale saw the lost South American ruins suddenly transform into a giant flying saucer, audiences didn't so much go wide-eyed with wonder as gawk in disbelief. Worse yet, many did not take kindly to the final scene in which, as Indy and Marion are wed, their son Mutt (Shia LaBeouf) picks up Indy's iconic hat and attempts to put it on - implying he's poised to inherit his father's mantle as archaeologist adventurer supreme.

But given that audiences made no secret of their dislike of LaBeouf's performance, and LaBeouf has since made no secret of his contempt for Hollywood, it looks like we all dodged a bullet there. Ford will play Indy one last time in 2020, presumably without his screen son.


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