12 Most Insane Things Happening In Movies & TV Right Now (Nov 23rd)

Anybody want to watch a nightmarish Shrek remake made by 200 different film-makers?

Shrek Remake

It's time once more to dip our collective toes into the weirder side of the news from the big and small screen. In the week that saw the confirmation that the LEGO Movie sequel includes two Chris Pratt characters taking potshots at Chris Pratt's recent career and somebody thought that xxx4 with Vin Diesel was a smart idea, we got bloody wrestling matches, stranger Shrek remakes and that time Rocky nearly met the actual Pope.

Honestly, you don't know the half of it.

Yes, people who make movies and TV shows are STILL very much unhinged, and it's a bumper edition this week. So, now let's start with an Insane Things cross-over...

12. David Arquette Got Himself Into A Wrestling Death Match

David Arquette Fite TV
Fite TV

As fans of the wrestling version of this column (beautifully written by god among men Michael Sidgwick) will probably know, David Arquette really likes wrestling. He might be one of those jokes from wrestling history thanks to his WCW run as champion, but he's legitimately a big fan and he's taken it upon himself to make opportunities to get into the ring.

That said, his decision to get into a Death Match with convicted bank robber Nick Gage was possibly to be admired less. The match saw the use of lots of lovely weapons - chairs and light tubes most prominently - and at one point, Gage was supposed to grind glass into Arquette's forehead but conspired instead to basically stab him in the neck.

Cue a fountain of blood and Arquette leaving the ring, seemingly calling the match off before he returned and the pair traded blows that looked a lot more real than worked. In wrestling circles, this might be normal, but watching the videos of the match, you have to remember that this is literally Sheriff Dewy from Scream.

In the wake of the match, Arquette took to Twitter to confirm he'd been stitched up and that he possibly didn't think Death Matches were his thing.


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