12 Most Insulting Changes To Movie Remakes

11. Halloween (2007) - Explaining Michael Myers' Motives

Maleficent Rapist

Michael Myers is a horror icon for inadvertently jump-starting the slasher craze and for being a downright terrifying, seemingly unstoppable villain. Part of what makes Michael so great is the original Halloween's lack of explanation it gives for the reason he kills.

All audiences get is a glimpse of a stoic child after stabbing his sister to death, and a host of chilling lines from Dr Loomis describing how Michael 'has the Devil's eyes' and other horrifying descriptions of the enigma that is his mind. Along with Michael's seeming invincibility, it gave him a mythical quality with your mind racing to wonder how he worked and could be stopped.

After many sequels, the plot-lines grew insane to the point audiences discovered Michael was controlled by a cult, and a reboot was desperately needed.

Enter the Rob Zombie directed remake almost 30 years later that decided to give the serial killer a believable backstory and clue viewers into what makes Michael tick. However, instead of being a frightening force of the unknown, Michael is given the most boring, generic backstory for a murderer you can think of.

All the cliched tropes, such as coming from an abusive home and starting off by killing small animals, are present, and turns one of horrors biggest icons into a bullied mamma's boy.

It may be what many killers admittedly do start out as, but your imagination running wild trying to understand Myers urge to kill is far more terrifying than anything that could be put to screen.

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