12 Most Insulting Changes To Movie Remakes

Really Disney, did you have to do King Stefan dirty like that?


Movie remakes are more common in our increasingly nostalgia driven society than ever before, with companies like Disney having all their releases now being driven by the rebirth of cherished relics of the past.

It gives them the chance to not only tell a tale with modern technology, but fix any glaring issues the original had to, theoretically, make the perfect film. It can also allow someone with a bold new vision to re-imagine a narrative or concept and portray it differently, allowing audiences to fall in love with two versions of their favorite flick.

There are of course the utterly pointless shot-for-shot remakes, like the terrible Psycho remake starring Vince Vaughn and the recent Lion King disaster, but this is a list of remakes that dared to do something different and ended up making the worst choices they could have.

They aren't just a weaker direction or minor change, these are changes seemingly designed to cause at much hate towards the remake as possible. An insulting breach of trust with directors mishandling a beloved retelling in order to be different when they should have left well enough alone.

The following 12 movies decided that they just couldn't hold back, and said yes to some incredibly misguided choices to try and spice up their respective imaginings.

Warning: Full spoilers ahead.

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