12 Most Memorable Christmas Songs From The Movies

'Tis the season for singing along with the TV.

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As Noddy Holder is so keen on loudly informing us, "it's Christmas!" Not to mention all the holidays of various other denominations that land around this time of year. While all of us have our own ways of marking the season, certain traditions tend to endure: getting together with family, exchanging gifts, stuffing your face, and watching at least of few of your old festive favourite films.

Hand in hand with this, chances are you may even wind up singing along to some beloved seasonal songs - and a great many of these can be found in the movies. There's really no better way for a film (or, in some instances, one specific sequence) to establish that it's set at Christmas than with the judicious application of some well-placed tinsel and a fun, festive tune.

Here are twelve of the most memorable, toe-tapping Christmas songs from the movies. Some of them were established perennial favourites already; some were composed specifically for the film in which they first appeared. But all are guaranteed to raise your holiday spirits.

Although if the songs alone don't help, we'd recommend a little eggnog and/or some more cheese.

12. Muppet Christmas Carol - One More Sleep Til Christmas

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Director Brian Henson's 1992 Muppet movie has long been close to the heart of many of us, for a number of reasons. For one, it was the first Muppet movie made after the death of their beloved creator (and Brian's father), Jim Henson, and is dedicated both to his memory and that of Muppet performer Richard Hunt, who passed away during pre-production.

Beyond this, though, The Muppet Christmas Carol is simply a wonderful film in its own right. Surprisingly faithful to Charles Dickens' novel, it handles the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and his rocky road to redemption in a touching and respectful manner, in spite of the added Muppet theatrics. Helping things along considerably is Michael Caine, who gives one of his finest performances as Scrooge.

While some Muppet fans have been known to voice displeasure over how much the film pushes the principal Muppets to the sidelines, it's to the film's credit that it puts the story first.

In any case, everyone's favourite Muppets get their moments to shine: not least when Kermit, as Bob Cratchit, sings the lovely festive celebration One More Sleep Til Christmas, one of numerous original songs composed for the film by Paul Williams.

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