12 Most Notorious Batman Urban Legends

Decoding the Dark Knight's biggest myths...

The Joker Makeup Test
Warner Bros.

Like Star Wars, Marvel and Disney in general, the Batman brand is one that tends to inspire its own world of over-enthusiastic fandom.

Though the comics aren't quite as big business as they once were (they still make millions), each film release comes with a hype machine so tangible you can almost taste it in the air, and as fans and media race to feed into that excitement, it's inevitable that some half-truths and untruths end up being peddled out as fact.

Even with the Internet apparently offering an infinite resource for fact-checking, emotional fandom has a habit of riding rough-shod over the truth and giving birth to some Urban Legends that run wild and end up gathering pace as more fans become intoxicated by their ideas.

Right now, we're staring down the barrel of one of the biggest periods for Batman in decades (thanks to the 80th anniversary of his creation), rumours on what could be happening have begun tumbling out of every crevice of the Internet. Whether they'll ever occupy the same sort of space as some of the biggest Batman urban legends of all time in years to come remains to be seen.

Most stunningly of all, of course, is the revelation that some urban legends are actually true...


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