12 Most Radical Body Transformations For Comic Book Movies

12. Tom Hardy - The Dark Knight Rises

Bane The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy
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Weight Gain: 30 pounds

The secret to Tom Hardy's performance as Bane was all about the perception of power: he was shot to make him look taller than Christian Bale (who is actually taller than Tom Hardy) with shots deliberately chosen to amplify his bulk. Inevitably, the role also involved a heavy workout requirement for Hardy.

The Englishman already had a good foundation, having trained hard to get into convincing fighting condition for Warrior, but he needed to bulk to sell the idea that Bane could break Batman. He did so admirably, piling on an additional 30 pound of muscle to completely transform his physique.

Unfortunately for him, it also left him in poor shape afterwards:

“I pushed a lot of weight, I ate a lot and I didn’t do any cardio for about a year. So I ended up being really fat and now I am suffering the consequences. I have a big fat neck in it, yeah.”
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