12 Most Rewatchable Movie Sequels Of All Time

The follow ups that (almost) outclass the originals.

Indiana Jones Last Crusade Deleted Scene
Paramount Pictures

Sequels are always a hard sell; for every Godfather Part II, there’s a million Hot Tub Time Machine 2s: low-effort cash grabs designed to drag the unsuspecting public back into the multiplex in the hopes of seeing lightning strike twice. Despite this, some sequels manage not only to match their originals, but to become classics in their own right.

Whether shifting tone for a darker, more mature style and deepening the series mythology or taking the opposite route and delving into lighter, sillier territory, these sequels prove that the original is not always best. Providing potential for endless re-watches, these follow ups may have been one-off surprises or the start of long-running franchises.

For the purpose of this list, we’ve limited ourselves to “true” sequels; that is no Godfather Part II or any other instalments of pre-planned trilogies (sorry, Twilight: Eclipse). Instead we’re running through the movies which followed up an unexpected success with an even rarer beast: a fun, solid sequel which develops on the promise of its predecessor.


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