12 Movie Casting Decisions That Fans Couldn't Handle

The fans threw a tantrum, deservedly or not.

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Film fandom can be a wonderful thing, a joyous appreciation of life-enriching entertainment - but as we've seen so many times, sometimes that enthusiasm gives way to embarrassing, if not worrying, obsessiveness.

The very worst side of any fanbase tends to come out when a hit franchise makes a casting choice that, at a first glance, seems to come out of left-field.

Rather than stay pragmatic and consider what an unexpected actor could bring to a role, the Internet tends to veer towards doom and gloom with a disturbing efficiency.

But even long before the Internet was a thing, fans of comic book movies and other smash hit IP have acted as fiercely childish gatekeepers, throwing their toys out of the pram whenever a seemingly ill-fitting name lands a marquee role.

Now to be clear, sometimes the fans are actually right - no matter the petulant way they go about it - and sometimes an actor is indeed totally wrong for a part.

But more often than not, fandoms end up blowing peculiar casting wildly out of proportion, to the extent that it embarrasses the overall fanbase and, if the casting pays off, looks mightily silly in retrospect...

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