12 Movie Spoilers We Didn’t Know Last Week (14th Feb)

Bayhem is coming...

It's been quite a week for movie news. The long-awaited Deadpool finally hit cinemas and brought with it a tantalising tease for what comes next, while Warner Bros. attempted to redeem themselves with a less-spoilerific new trailer for Batman V Superman, and a ton of high-profile projects were confirmed as more than mere speculation. Yes, we're in that slightly awkward period between the end of awards season and the beginning of the summer blockbuster run where film fans tend to feel a little bit listless, but before you know it, you'll be watching DC's finest beating the snot out of each other, and Marvel's cream of the crop doing the very same just a few weeks later in Captain America: Civil War. And, heck, this week teased plenty of promise for the years ahead, so dream on as we count down the days to 2016's summer movie slate kicking off...

12. Cable Will Appear In Deadpool 2

That's right. If you stuck around for Deadpool's post-credits scene, you'll know that Cable will have a significant part in the movie's sequel. As Pool himself confirms, the part hasn't been cast yet and they have no footage to show us, but it's definitely happening, what with Deadpool's astronomical box office success already. Whether Deadpool 2 will adapt the famed Cable & Deadpool comic series remains to be seen, but it's gotta be a pretty solid possibility.

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