12 Movies That Scammed You With Fake Foreshadowing

11. Modesty Is An Obscurial - Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

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The Foreshadowing

When Graves sends Credence Barebone to the task of finding him an Obscurus, all evidence points towards his own younger sister Modesty. As the film establishes, all Obscurials are under the age of ten, since they're killed quickly when the Obscurus bursts out of them and all have repressed magical abilities.

Then we meet Modesty and she's an archetypal creepy kid who secretly owns a wand and has been abused by her anti-magical mother. The film wants us to think that she's definitely the Obscurial...

What Actually Happened...

It actually turned out that it was her brother Credence who was the Obscurial for all of the reasons Modesty appeared to be one. And he's not the usual kind of Obscurial either, because his baseline magical powers were off the chart, meaning his Obscurus didn't kill him when he had his episodes and meant he could retain his human form and transform basically at will.

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