12 Movies Where The Villain Emerges Victorious

11. Kingpin

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There are so many films where a character or team are completely unprepared for a sports tournament and yet, they emerge victorious. The Mighty Ducks. Dodgeball. Space Jam. The list goes on an on.

But that isn't the case in the comedy, Kingpin. Bowler, Ernie McCracken, convinces gifted player, Roy Munson, to hustle some amateur bowlers. When the amateurs lose, they have Munson's hand ripped off while McCracken flees.

Seventeen years later, Munson begins training an Amish man called Ishmael for a bowling tournament so he can win enough money to save his farm. After Ishmael breaks his hand, Munson has no choice but to compete in the tournament against his arch-rival... McCracken.

In a bizarre turn of events, McCracken wins the tournament, and Munson walks away with nothing. Luckily, the conclusion has a Deus Ex Machina where Munson becomes the sponsor for Trojan condoms, and uses the money to save Ismael's farm.

However, McCracken suffers no comeuppance. He's a perverted bully who's responsible for Munson losing his hand and yet, the story concludes with him as a champion. The worst thing that happens to him is, by the end of the film, he is left with a terrible combover.


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