12 Movies Worth Watching Over & Over Again

All these movies will take least fifteen viewings before you'll even begin to get bored of them. This week, that is.

If you're a film buff, it's likely you have tons of favorite movies, and a number of lists in subcategories that represent who you are as a movie-goer. Everyone has a favorite drama, a favorite comedy, a favorite guilty pleasure movie... but everyone should also have a favorite "watch two-hundred times" movie. There are great films that are considered masterpieces, of course, but can be difficult to watch more than once a year. The Shawshank Redemption? Loved it, but it's a lot to take in. The Godfather? Maybe not the greatest party movie. In the spirit of winter (a time when it is considered more than acceptable to watch a movie every night instead of venturing out into the cold), I have compiled a list of movies that are easy to watch (and worth watching) over and over again. Take this list as a sure fire guide: there are obvious choices, like Mean Girls and Anchorman and Elf, all of which are movies that millions of people watch once a month because they just can't help themselves. Here are 12 more movies that fit into that category, all of which are worth leaving in your DVD player for a year...

12. Back To The Future

I know, you were all expecting this one, so we'll start out easy. Back To The Future is a great movie (the sequels are all right, but this is the one worth watching and watching and watching), and it's as simple as that. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are magicians in their roles as Marty McFly and Doc Brown, somehow managing to turn phrases like "flux capacitor" into pop culture references that are still known virtually everywhere today. Do you want to know this movie's secret to success? It's cool. Everything about this movie is as cool as a cucumber (really thought that phrase would have caught on by 2014). It's funny, too. The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, the similarities between Marty and George, and - best of all - Biff. Every line that comes out of his mouth is utter genius. So hey reader, why don't you make like a tree, and move on to the next list item, huh?

Colleen is an aspiring scriptwriter with a knack for puns and trouble avoiding speeding tickets. She enjoys NBC and BBC, along with the rest of the alphabet. She spends her days working on The Morning After for Hulu.com.