12 People Who Totally Broke The Law To Make Great Movies

9. Melvin Van Peebles Basically Forced His Underage Son To Have Sex

Sweet Sweetback Sex Scene
Cinematic Industries

Seminal blaxploitation film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song - which basically invented the genre - almost didn't happen. Thanks to financial issues, which prompted Bill Cosby to offer an emergency loan of $50,000 and some seriously creative self-financing choices by the director, the film struggled to get off the ground, even though it went on to make $15 million.

Partly thanks to those tight purse strings Van Peebles ironically exploited those who worked for him, including ripping off Earth, Wind & Fire (who still haven't been paid) and using questionable quality extras (which led to him contracting gonorrhea from an extra in a clearly all too realistic sex scene).

He also used child labour, putting son Mario on screen, which would have been fine if he hadn't got him to shoot a horribly realistic sex scene with a significantly older woman. And if Mario hadn't been far underage.

Child protection services, incredibly, didn't turn up to take him away.

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