12 Sequels That Forgot The End Of The Last Movie

Happy Unretirement, Tony Stark!

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One of the most appealing things about shared universes and long-running franchises is the comfort and familiarity in an extended storyline that can have pay-offs years down the line, just as Infinity War managed so masterfully. We get to see story details that were seeded in one film come to fruition in the next, as well as being invited back into the world through episodes that almost feel like a soap opera.

Knowing there's continuity helps us all really engage with the characters and makes their eventual fates far more impactful. So it's not JUST about money-spinning. And that continuity is precisely why film studios consciously employ people to look after continuity editing, to make sure all of the seams knit together perfectly.

Unfortunately, those people don't always bother paying attention to what came before when they're "checking" their movies. You'd think that the people in charge of making franchise movies might actually be invested in their own stories, b. But the frequency with which they seem to drop balls clearly suggests they're probably not all that bothered about continuity...

12. Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Transformers Dark of The Moon Chicago
Paramount Pictures

The Ending

In Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, as part of the film's climactic Decepticon invasion, Chicago is completely destroyed. Buildings collapse, bridges fall, property insurance prices rocket through the skyline...

But Then...

Want to know how dumb the Transformers franchise is? It literally forgets that Chicago was destroyed in Dark of The Moon and DOES IT AGAIN in Age Of Extinction.

For the sequel, the city has somehow been completely restored, including all of its historical landmarks and buildings that were ruined in the previous film. And then it's destroyed again. Clever.

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