12 Shocking Implications Of 2017 Movies You Totally Missed

The Stan Lee theory pans out (kinda).

Stan Lee Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Studios

Isn't it great when a movie works on multiple levels? For instance, kids can look at Toy Story 3 as a cute film about toys going on an adventure, while adults will inevitably view it as a heartbreaking treatise on the impermanence of everything and the loss of childhood.

In the case of these 12 movies, none of which were aimed primarily at children, they offered plenty for fans to think about below the surface, from tacitly confirming fan theories, to slyly explaining character motivations, hinting at deeper aspects of a franchise's mythology, and even making some unexpected commentaries about society at large.

Yes, these are implications, not statements, from what is seen and spoken on-screen, but it's hard to believe the filmmakers weren't sending very intentional messages to those who really dared to pay attention to what was going on.

View these 12 films as more simplistic, one-track blockbusters if you must, but you'll be missing out on a goldmine of stunning, hilarious and even horrifying subtext...


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