12 Subtle Movie Plot Points You Probably Overlooked

Your buddies will think you're the Rain Man of film fandom knowing these.

All audiences love a movie that doesn't just spell things out obviously for them and rewards viewers who actually pay attention to what's taking place on screen. Even so, sometimes filmmakers will intentionally include plot points so subtle and fleeting that, in the thrall of all the action and Hollywood spectacle, it often passes viewers by, whether it's a small visual cue or an overriding theme of the piece. These 12 movies, mostly popular, successful Hollywood flicks, all included some rather mind-blowing reveals that, to most audiences, will go completely unnoticed, all while the director smirks to himself about it. Whether it's a sly set-up for a sequel that's got a little more to it than audiences imagined, a decades-old mystery finally solved, a plot twist hiding in plain sight, or a realisation that completely changes viewer perception of the entire movie, these films all included something awesome that most people just don't know about. So sit back, take a look, and prepare to wow your friends the next time you're watching these movies: you won't see them quite the same away ever again, and your buddies will think you're the Rain Man of film fandom. Here are 12 subtle movie plot points you probably overlooked.

12. The Joker Delivered The Playing Card To Batman - Batman Begins

The Plot Point: At the end of the movie, when Gordon (Gary Oldman) informs Batman of the presence of The Joker and shows him the card, the evidence bag says that it was recovered by a "J. Kerr", an obvious implication that The Joker himself planted the evidence and was baiting Batman to come after him right from the get-go. Why You Probably Missed It: If you're a Batman fan, you've probably seen Batman Begins five, maybe ten times since its release, right? And yet you probably never noticed this, quite forgivably given that the shot appears on screen for a whole 2 seconds, and practically everyone's attention is focused on the Joker card itself rather than the evidence bag. Still, it's a fun little foreshadow of The Joker's playful demeanour, and is something that only came to light once the movie was out on home video (and even then, it's gone undetected to most for years).

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