12 Surprisingly Touching Moments In Extremely Macho Movies

Because I'm a man, and a man who cries manly tears.

Despite accusations that it is muscle-bound and empty-headed, the "macho movie" genre has inspired moments of profound emotional impact. Inevitably death plays an incredibly important part of that, because within the genre's defining characteristics of infallible heroes and invincible villains (the myths that every movie is built on), we've already discussed in our rundown of the best Tear Jerking Moments In Macho Movies (and its sequel.) But even though death is probably the easiest win, those movies don't necessarily have to so completely devastate you in order to burrow its way under your skin and plant emotional anchors. It is far more artful to reduce an audience to a blubbering wreck without going as far as killing someone, and some macho movie moments need only to add a relatable human element to their characters to be hugely affecting. With that in mind, we're celebrating those touching moments in so-called manly films that prove that macho doesn't necessarily need to mean the same as emotionally retarded. We are all sensitive creatures, and if there's anything more profound than seeing action movie fans melting then it hasn't yet been defined. So read on for 12 Surprisingly Touching Moments In Extremely Macho Movies, safe in the knowledge that, in addition to your macho manliness, you also have a heart beating under all that testosterone.

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