12 Tech Advances We Should Have By Now (According To Movies)

Sci-fi movies set us up with expectations of time travel, robot butlers and hoverboards, but they can probably keep their murderous killbots.

Seemingly the very point of the science fiction genre in film is to have a crack at guessing what the technology of the future will be. The standard for a great deal of sci-fi movies is some form of space craft/travel/other easily merchandised spacey thing, and it's largely accepted that space as a whole is probably likely to make an appearance in any futuristic-themed film. But that's a given, along with over the top metallic finishes to everyday objects and a curious fascination with leather jackets; what's more interesting is taking a look at movies that had the ballsy attitude to tell us that not only would we have ridiculous technology somewhere down the line, but they told us the very year these advances would be rolling off the production line for us to buy. The most famous example, which hasn't yet become outdated, is of course the iconic hoverboards of the Back To The Future franchise which, according to the sequel at least, are due to be unveiled next year. So let's explore the technological advances we should have made in the last few decades, according to the predictions made by famous movies. Please note, whilst we don't have any of these advancements just yet, that isn't necessarily explicit confirmation that you won't definitely be riding a hoverboard next year. Because frankly, such a revelation would be horrible to even entertain...

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