12 Tech Inventions From Star Wars That Already Exist Today

Well they did say "a long time ago..."

Knowing that every Star Wars movie begins with €œA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away€ is kind of a tease. It implies that the amazing technology we see in the saga has existed for thousands of years but just happens to be sitting in a pile somewhere on the other side of the universe where we can't get hold of it. It€™s okay though, we€™ve got our own clever little scientists working incredibly hard in order to catch up with that galaxy of Jedi, bounty hunters and Wookies. You might actually be surprised at how far along we are with some of this technology. All we need to do is wait for the costs to come down and some incredible pieces of kit will start to become commonplace. Before then, you could maybe try joining the army because it seems that they are the ones who are developing half of this stuff. Whoever claimed that the next world war would just be computer hackers and nuclear bombs doesn€™t have a clue what they€™re talking about. If this list is anything to go by, World War 3 will involve spaceships, robots, speeder bikes and, yes, maybe even lightsabers.
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