12 Terrible Movie Characters Redeemed By Awesome Deaths

Ajax sucked...until he didn't.

Deadpool Ajax

Who doesn't love a good movie death? At its best, a death scene can complete the hero's journey in gratifying fashion, wring tears from our eyes and basically have audiences reflecting on their own mortality in a positive way.

Sometimes, though, a death scene might be so awesome on its own that it entirely elevates the worthiness of an otherwise useless, annoying or downright boring character.

These 12 characters, from flaccid villains to irritating supporting players and eye-rolling stunt cameos, were all low-points in their respective movies...at least until they decided to die on-screen for our cathartic enjoyment.

The death scenes in question, from unexpectedly brutal to darkly humourous and simply relieving to a suffering audience, all substantially elevated the cinematic esteem of characters who, otherwise, were forgettable, lame and infuriating.

Let's face it: the only reason anyone remembers these characters is the manner in which they expired, and rightly so...

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