12 Terrible Movies That Blew Awesome Concepts

All that wasted potential.

There's nothing quite like a movie that just hooks you the second you hear about its premise - be it Speed's unstoppable bus, Toy Story's sentient play-things or Inception's action-thriller set entirely within dreams.

And though an imaginative yet easily digestible concept can quickly garner social media interest and further the likelihood of a healthy box office, it sadly doesn't mean the end result will actually be any good.

And as such, the annals of cinema are littered with hugely promising movies that successfully sold their log-lines to audiences, though didn't also manage to deliver a consistently compelling film in the bargain.

Each of these 12 films, whether hacked to pieces in post-production or fundamentally troubled from the outset, fell devastatingly short of what audiences both expected and desired, regardless of their eventual commercial performance.

Perhaps we might see a couple of these films remade in the future on the sheer strength of their meaty pitches, but until then, they're all towering testaments to just how damn hard it is to make a good movie in Hollywood...

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