12 Things That Almost Completely Changed 2016’s Biggest Movies



Hollywood is a fickle industry, where major creative decisions are made at the drop of a hat for numerous reasons, some well-intended in the name of art, some petty, and others just woefully misguided.

These 12 movies ended up fundamentally different from their original concepts due to re-writes, actors apparently getting too greedy, test screening decisions and studios calling in re-shoots late in the game.

12. The Original Lineup Was Very Different - Suicide Squad


The Original Plan: Before David Ayer joined the mix in 2014, the proposed original line-up for the titular supervillain supergroup would include Blockbuster (super-strength), Multiplex (self-replication), Jaculi (super-speed), Mindboggler (telepathy) and Vixen (can utilise animal abilities) alongside the two candidates who actually made it to the final movie, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot.

What Happened?: Ayer came on-board and offered up his own take, which at one point actually included King Shark, but he eventually settled for Killer Croc due to the character being more easily achievable without CGI.

Add Harley (an absolute must), Rick Flag, El Diablo, Katana and Slipknot and you've got an almost totally revamped roster for the final 2016 film.

Did It Work?: Famously not, but there's no evidence that the villain line-up was at all the problem. Ayer's script and a scissor-happy Warner Bros. conspired to doom this one from the outset, and honestly the villains we got sound a lot more enticing than the originally proposed ones.


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