12 Things That Almost Completely Changed 2016’s Biggest Movies

10. Will Smith Was Meant To Star - Independence Day: Resurgence


The Original Plan: An Independence Day sequel was discussed for almost two decades before it actually went behind cameras, and it was just assumed that Will Smith's heroic Captain Steven Hiller would return, because why the Hell wouldn't he?

What Happened?: Depending on who you believe, Smith ultimately didn't return for Resurgence because he asked for too much money (reportedly a staggering $50 million for two sequels), or as he himself claimed, the scheduling clashed with both Concussion and Suicide Squad.

Smith ended up being killed off-screen while his part was re-written for new protagonist Jake Morrison, played by Liam Hemsworth.

Did It Work?: No, not really at all. Hemsworth's character was a forgettable plank of wood and Smith's grown son wasn't much better.

It's hard to say how much better the film could've been with Smith involved, but at least it probably would've had a little more charm and energy (though Jeff Goldblum sure did try, bless him).


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