12 Things Warner Bros Want You To Forget About Batman Movies

Good luck with that, Jared Leto...

Warner Bros have of course made billions of dollars from owning the movie rights to Batman, having released seven major movies to date with a ton more on the way as part of the in-construction DC Cinematic Universe. As promising as the future is for the Caped Crusader, Warner would no doubt prefer audiences to get a bout of selective amnesia regarding these 12 scenes, characters and ideas which permeated through some of Bats' most memorable (for better and for worse) adventures. Perhaps it's an impossible good performance that nobody has a chance of following, or a terrible creative decision that has haunted the franchise ever since, but the common element is that remembering them will do Batman no favours moving forward with Batman v Superman, Justice League and eventually his own new solo movie. Here are 12 things Warner Bros. want you to forget about Batman movies...

12. Batman Kills People...A Lot

One of the more hilarious consistencies across even the better Batman films is that the Caped Crusader, who prides himself on his commitment to not killing people...kills a lot of people. Let's start with 1989's Batman, where he blows up a bunch of goons with the Batmobile, hurls a guy down a stairwell and then kills The Joker, while in Batman Returns he blows a guy up with a bomb and murders The Penguin. In Batman Forever, he uses the Batmobile to blow up a bunch of bad guys and kills Two-Face with a handful of coins, and Batman Begins sees him kill countless League of Shadows members and leave Ra's al Ghul to die at the end (which despite what Batman says, is basically the same as killing him). In The Dark Knight Knight, he kills Two-Face, and finally in The Dark Knight Rises, he kills Talia al Ghul and her passenger in the truck at the end. Hell, check them all out for yourself in this awesome supercut. Why Warner Want You To Forget Because as great as some of these films were, they betrayed a pretty basic essence of the character, and considering that Batman v Superman will see Bats taking on Superman largely because of the rampant murder and destruction he "caused", it's safe to say that Warner will want to portrayal Batman in a strictly non-murderous mode for the foreseeable future.

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