12 Things You Learn Rewatching Quantum Of Solace

The weirdest Bond movie ever.

Quantum Of Solace

Our weekly Bond rewatch series enters its final stages now as we look back on 2008's wildly divisive Quantum of Solace.

A rarest of Bond films that serves as a virtually direct sequel to its predecessor, the brilliant Casino Royale, Quantum is nevertheless a rough-hewn, patchy effort that continues to prove controversial with fans.

Shot amid the infamous Writers Guild of America strike of 2007-2008, Quantum began production with only a shell of a script, and due to WGA restrictions, only Daniel Craig and director Marc Forster were able to flesh things out.

The result is the shortest, most fast-paced Bond film ever, and certainly the least traditionally "Bond-like" of all 24 movies to date. It has its defenders, and there are certainly strong elements, though it's also clear the movie never quite came together as everyone intended.

A somewhat unwieldy attempt to follow Royale's lead, it was an undeniably underwhelming follow-up to arguably Bond's best-ever outing. However, it still benefits enormously from Craig's steely presence and a refreshingly brutal, unsentimental tone...


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