12 Things You Learn Rewatching Spectre

What a waste.

James Bond Spectre

After spending the last six months revisiting the entire James Bond franchise, our weekly retrospective series reaches its conclusion with 007's most recent adventure, 2015's Spectre. Helmed by the returning Sam Mendes, Spectre was released to high hopes from Bond fans, given Mendes' incredible success with Skyfall and the delicious casting of Christoph Waltz as this movie's villain.

And so, what a crushing disappointment it ended up being. Though hardly among 007's worst outings, Spectre is still a towering monument to wasted potential and what can happen when getting a movie shot is more important than waiting until the script is good enough

At least Daniel Craig has one more chance to end his tenure on something approaching a high, but if you haven't bothered revisiting Spectre over the last few years, few would blame you...

12. The CGI Is Embarrassingly Bad At Times

Spectre Daniel Craig

Considering that Spectre ended up costing an estimated $300 million, it's nothing short of an embarrassment to MGM that the final movie features such shambolically bad visual effects so frequently.

An otherwise impressively executed pre-title sequence is thoroughly undermined by the distractingly unconvincing CGI, making it clear that Daniel Craig performed large chunks of the scene against a green screen.

The alpine chase later in the film meanwhile features a comically bad CGI plane, and some explosions in act three look incredibly rough for such a lavish production.

Admittedly Skyfall had the same problem, especially when it came to close-ups during its set-pieces, but clearly Sam Mendes learned little from the previous film's technical foibles.

For Bond 25, MGM desperately needs to offer the work out to different VFX houses, because these results aren't even close to satisfactory.


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