12 Times A Director Went On An INSANE Streak Of Great Movies

One or two great films is impressive, but four or more in a row is something truly special.

Alfred Hitchcock Movies

There's a reason why directors, writers, and producers often refer to movies as "miracles". Getting the thousands of little pieces together in order to make something at all - regardless of whether it ends up being good or not - is so difficult and tasking that it's not surprising when even the most talented filmmakers have terrible flicks in their back catalogue they'd rather you not remember.

However, the inherent difficulty of the movie-making process only makes it even more impressive when a director finds themselves on a hot streak, dropping one masterpiece after another and making the whole thing look easy. Yeah, they might drop off afterwards or never be as consistent again, but these streaks, spanning either a few years or decades, are still a feat to behold.

Now, some house rules before we begin: to streamline the list, each director needed to have helmed a minimum of five films, and the streak itself needed to be more than four movies long. Unfortunately, that rules out some currently unstoppable talents like Damien Chazelle and Ryan Coogler, which admittedly could be for the best in order to not speak too soon. After all, even M. Night Shyamalan made three great films before he lost himself completely.


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