12 Unanswered Questions From Famous Movies That Are Still Killing Us

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What's the deal with all the ambiguity in movies, anyway? Real men don't mess around with the unknown - they demand answers. Facts. Resolutions supported by hard evidence. What's so good about leaving things up to the imagination? Do we really need that?

In the cases of pretty much every movie ever made, then, real men are kind of screwed, given that motion pictures have really got a thing about not explaining every little detail, and occasionally opt to leave things unexplained on purpose, so you can spend the rest of your life pondering the answers.

So although we're really not supposed to know the answers to questions I've assembled for inclusion on the list, all of which were purposely left unresolved in a bunch of famous movies for good reason, we still want to sort of (definitely) know the answers, because that's the point, right?

Why were they left up to the imagination if weren't supposed to want to know? To hell with artistic integrity! There's far too much ambiguity in the universe already!

Just tell us the answers to these nice little questions and we can all get on with our lives once and for all, movies. Thank you.

12. What's In The FedEx Box? - Cast Away

Fedex Castaway Tom Hanks

Cast Away is a movie directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, a kind of half-motion picture, half-advertising campaign for what is depicted as the world's greatest courier company ever, FedEx, because that's what Hanks' character, Chuck, does for a living: he's a FedEx delivery guy, and a bloody good one.

Anyway, Chuck ends up getting stranded on a desert island for a while, along with a bunch of FedEx packages, and although he opens most of them, he opts to keep one closed as a means of survival: he will deliver that package. It's something to root for, and boy do we want to know what's inside. At the end of the flick, Chuck does deliver the package, but - to our dismay - we don't get to find out what was contained within its cardboard walls, despite the fact that it's the one thing we all really cared about (except for Wilson).

Of course Zemeckis would leave it up to the imagination, though. The director once joked that it was "probably a satellite phone," which was funny until we all remembered that he hadn't told us, and was it really a satellite phone, Robert Zemeckis? Seriously. Tell us.

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