12 Unwatchable Horror Movies That Wasted Great Ideas

Mutants versus marines! Egyptian gods and killer mazes! Bad trips and slasher face offs!

Warner Bros.

There are few things worse than a bad movie, but a bad horror movie may be up there. There’s nothing worse than popping a new genre effort on Netflix and expecting hours of tension and terror only to be rewarded with a flat and uninspired tale which is both un-scary and uninteresting enough to mean it can’t even qualify for “so bad it’s good” status worthy of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

As bad as a terrible horror movie is, even worse are those rare awful horrors which contain in their DNA the gem of an original and clever idea, only for its potential to be lost in an unoriginal and un-involving final product. Whether they’re ghost stories free from chills, slashers with no terrifying chases or inspired kills, or genre hybrids which failed to live up to their promise, these are the horrors which featured great conceits—only to waste them on substandard finished products.

This list is a testament to how wrong a great idea can go between concept and eventual messy execution—not to mention a run-down of great premises which still deserve another, better film of their own.


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