12 Upcoming Movies Guaranteed To Make A Billion Dollars

Welcome back to the billionaire's club, Rey.

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To paraphrase Justin Timberlake a little, do you know what's cooler than making several hundred million dollars? Making a straight billion. And no matter how tasteless some might think it is to distil movie "success" down to a single number, that billion dollar figure is increasingly being talked up as the benchmark for blockbusters.

With cinemas enjoying a revival (and their best performances since 1998) and more blockbuster franchises in healthy states than ever before (mostly driven by Disney, it has to be said), that trend is likely to continue. And luckily for the money men of Hollywood's biggest studios, there are more than a few upcoming movies you can already say look destined to break that special barrier...

12. Jumanji 2

jumanji 2
TriStar Pictures

The Film

Despite the initial reluctance from fans when it was announced that Jumanji was effectively being remade (in actual fact it wasn't), the success of the sort of reboot inspired the announcement of an entirely predictable sequel.

Little is known about its substance so far, though rumours have suggested it might explore the origins of the game, with the principal cast returning and Jake Kasdan directing once more. The return of the talent alone should inspire a good response.


Not only can Jumanji 2 (or 3, as it should be called) count on the almighty marketing power of The Rock, but Welcome To The Jungle managed to pull in $962.1 million globally and has grown in appreciation since its initial theatrical run. At the minute, its release sits between Frozen 2 and Star Wars Episode IX (so that might change), but it's definitely in with a huge chance.

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