12 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies That WILL Be Better Than Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

12. Dune

Warner Bros.

You knew we had to stick this one on the list, even if this year’s Dune isn’t the hyper expensive ambitious fever dream which El Topo director Alejandro Jodorowsky would have helmed in a more just world.

Starring indie heartthrob/ unspellable name Timothee Chalamet of Call Me By Your Name and Little Women fame, this belated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi epic shouldn’t have trouble improving upon Twin Peaks creator David Lynch’s impenetrable 1984 attempt. Where the eighties version hired a director known for his demented tangents and mad flourishes, this action epic wisely opted to hire helmer Denis Villeneuve of Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival fame.

This canny decision means that, regardless of the flick’s massive scope, Villeneuve’s reliably crisp, clinical sci-fi style will be a perfect match for such a complex and layered project.

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