12 Weirdest Pieces Of Movie Merchandise Ever Created

11. Watchmen Condom

Watchmen Condom 2
Warner Bros.

Considering it features what’s been routinely slated as one of lamest, most awkward sex scenes in recent memory – really, who gets it on to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah? – it’s quite bizarre that the folks over at Warner Brothers’ marketing department though a condom would be the ideal thing to promote Watchmen.

Featuring the befitting Watchmen tagline “We’re society’s only protection”, the promotional prophylactic came in a fetching shade of neon blue which we’re presuming was some kind of homage to the movie’s frequent full-frontal scenes of Dr Manhattan and his glowing blue penis.

It doesn’t seem like many are left these days but luckily there were a few who didn’t rush home and ravish their loved ones after that lusty Leonard Cohen soundtracked sex scene and a couple of Watchmen condoms can be found on eBay.

Since the film came out eight years ago and condoms usually have a shelf life of no longer than five years, they’re strictly for collectible purposes rather than practical use.

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