13 Actors Almost Killed While Making Movies

Cast Away indeed.

Cast Away Tom Hanks

As appealing as getting paid millions of dollars to play pretend might seem, acting isn't always the cushy picnic the Adam Sandlers of the world might make it out to be.

Any actor who decides to star in elaborate, big-budget productions is sooner or later going to find themselves in an environment that, in the wrong hands, could become extremely dangerous.

However, Hollywood generally takes a stringent approach to keeping actors safe, if not for the moral good of it then in order to, you know, not derail their production with a dead lead actor.

While these 13 actors thankfully came out of these movies in tact - physically, anyway - things were almost far more tragic. If just a few variables of these incidents were different, some of the world's most beloved and acclaimed actors may no longer be with us.

As it stands, each had to contend with shoddy safety regulations, a dash of bad luck and maybe even their own stubbornness while almost paying the ultimate price...


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