13 Awesome Moments From The Super Bowl 50 Trailers

Psylocke is sexy-scary...

The Super Bowl is over for another year, and though the 50th show may not have been a particularly remarkable game for the ages, it at least was a good enough excuse for Hollywood to trot out its latest slew of glossy advertisements for the year's biggest upcoming movies. And then there's the action icon who decided to star in a plug for a mobile phone game... We're still a few months away from blockbuster season kicking off, but it'll be with us before we know it, and so what better time to soak in the action-packed, effects-fueled mayhem hitting cinemas this summer? From two fantastic viral ads for Batman v Superman to the inspired mayhem of Captain America: Civil War, there's a ton to be pumped up for, and these brief glimpses have the hype train running at full speed. Here are 13 awesome moments from the Super Bowl 50 trailers...

13. Welcome To Metropolis - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The Moment: Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), sat on a Turkish Airlines flight as he's brought some tea, while holding a stress ball and decked out in a sharp white suit. He simply says to the camera, "We can't wait to welcome you." Why It's Awesome: Shameless product tie-ins are one thing, but this cross-promotion between Batman v Superman and Turkish Airlines is actually pretty damn genius. The minute-long commercial shows off the recently rebuilt Metropolis, featuring the Daily Planet office, the Superman statue, a brief shot of Superman himself flying overhead, and Lex Luthor announcing that Lexcorp's investment in repairing Metropolis has allowed the city to open for business once again, alongside a shot of the Lexcorp tower. As well as giving us an intricate glimpse at the city, it also helps further the case that Eisenberg, who has been a controversial choice for Luthor since day one, might be able to pull the role off. He certainly seems to have the part down pat, barely able to suppress his villainous relish.

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