13 Background Distractions That Completely Ruined Movie Scenes

12. Toy Story Loves Weed

Toy Story Weed

And now, a little debunking needs to be done. According to one particularly virile rumour thread on the net, in Toy Story, Sid's parents express their love of recreational drugs by emblazoning their wallpaper with the unmistakable likeness of marijuana leaves.

It seems that there's a reason for Sid's malevolence, and that perhaps we should all be looking under the surface of his toy torturing and really pick away at what makes Sid the way he is. Perhaps Sid is the product of his environment, pushed to acting out by parents who love to smoke so much it informs their interior decorating choices. Except it doesn't because, as you can see from the image above, the supposedly offending weed designs are in fact bamboo leaves.

But this didn't stop avid watchers straining their eyes to find a glimpse of the fabled naughty wallpaper, and missing all of the action in the foreground as a result. Rather brilliantly, the interior does feature one legitimate design Easter Egg, as the carpet is taken from the hotel in the Shining, adding that authentic creepy feel to Sid's house of pain.

Toy Story The Shining
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