13 Broken Comic Book Movie Franchises (And How To Fix Them)

How do you solve a problem like Green Lantern?

For every hit that spawned a series, there are those franchises that promised a sequel, but never delivered; lost souls in the big budget universe, that were so poorly executed, they have even had a toxic impact on the continued public perception of the property. With X-Men: Days Of Future Past essentially working as a fixer for the X-Men franchise (admittedly in conjunction with the revitalising assistance of First Class), the precedent for mending other damaged comic book franchises has clearly been set. Some properties might seem as if they are beyond repair, but this article attempts to posit ideas on how even the most reviled properties could be resurrected, with an eye on the potential of the property, rather than how they have previously been adapted, or how they previously performed at the box office. Some of the listed entries have already been earmarked for resurrections on TV or cinema, or are in the process of being rebooted in one form or another, but that doesn't necessarily make the suggestions to ensure their success redundant. And of course, in the case of TV adaptations like Constantine and Daredevil, the question is asked whether the properties could have a life beyond these incarnations, either as migrants from television to cinema, or in co-existence with the small screen versions? If two different Quicksilvers can exist in two competing but concurrently running franchises, then it's arguable that anything is possible.

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