13 Canadian Cult Films You Shouldn't Miss

13. Pin (1988)

Pin 1988 During the 80s, horror was all about Stephen King adaptations, and although this tale has nothing to do with said author, Canada was able to pull out some decent low-budget horror flicks during the VHS boom. Pin is a great Canadian horror film, albeit one with a touch more heart than most horror films of the 80s. Pin delves (falsely) into the world of schizophrenia, when two orphaned children try to deal with the death of their parents. While the sister is able to maintain a grip on reality, the brother falls deeper into a state of co-dependence with his doctor father's full-size medical anatomy doll, Pin. As the brother and Pin's relationship grows stronger, the sister is forced to try and regain her brother's sanity. A rare horror where you actually care for the teens, Pin is an excellent example of low-budget film-making that is still able to stand the test of time.

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