13 Disney Scenes That Left You Forever Devastated

From the twisted mind behind "The Happiest Place On Earth"...

If you're a kid who sat in front of your old box television and watched Disney movies on repeat when you were little, chances are you still haven't forgotten them. In fact, what are the chances you can probably still remember quite a lot of the script and the songs from your favourite Walt creations? And it's not unlike a Disney fan to grow up and still burst into Whistle While You Work while doing some washing up, or to serenade their lonely single life with Some Day My Prince Will Come. And that's great: to have film scenes from your childhood which still inspire you to this day are suggestive that Disney was actually a genius, penetrating your minds from a young age and leaving you with snippets of animated technicolor dreamscapes to carry into adulthood as a series of life lessons learned. But. What about the sad bits? What about the scenes where you cried so hard your mum had to turn the television off? What about the bad guys that gave you nightmares when you were seven years old? Walt Disney has had a profound lasting impact on his audiences, and not necessarily just in a good way. So without haste, let's all just torture ourselves a little more: here are 13 utterly traumatic Disney movie scenes that you haven't recovered from yet (and most likely never will).
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