13 Dumbest Movie Plot Twists Of 2018

There's gonna be...hilarious wigs.

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It goes without saying that a plot twist can make or break a movie. If writers and directors get it right, they've got audiences eating out of the palm of their hands, but if they screw it up, their movie might end up destined for relentless ridicule until the end of time.

For every iconic, jaw-dropping big reveal, there are countless movies that blew it at the final hurdle, unfurling an ill-advised twist that fell totally flat with audiences.

From the past year, these are the 13 movies that drove themselves enthusiastically off a cliff with their hilariously stupid rug-pulls, and while most of them sadly weren't particularly good movies to begin with, these braindead twists absolutely sealed the deal.

From outrageously baffling sequel-bait endings to woefully misguided villain reveals and revelations that carelessly derailed a franchise's established lore, these are the 2018 plot twists that surely left you furious, baffled or in a fit of uninvited laughter (if not all of the above)...

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