13 Dumbest Things In 2018's Summer Movies

The horror, the horror.

Star Wars Solo

This summer sure wasn't a banner year for blockbuster movies or really cinema in general, and though the likes of Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2 and Mission: Impossible - Fallout delivered smart, slick tentpole thrills, they were sadly in the distinct minority.

Many of the summer's biggest and most anticipated films served up idiocy with a side order of stupid, from cringe-inducing subplots to baffling reveals, inane character decisions and just a general lack of actual internal logic.

While not all of these films were completely sunk by their dumbest moments, each is nevertheless saddled with these ridicule-worthy moments forever more.

Each filmmaker gave in to their lesser instincts and showed just how little respect they had for the audience's intelligence, resulting in laughter and raised eyebrows in cinemas the world over.

As awards season kicks off, film fans hopefully have a while to recover from the summer season's braindead worst, though it's unlikely you'll forget these asinine movie moments anytime soon...


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