13 Horrifically Misjudged Movie Taglines You Won't Believe They Actually Used

Day of the Dolphin The purpose of a movie tagline is to sell you a motion picture in as few words as possible - conjured up by those all-knowing geniuses spread across various Hollywood marketing departments, a tagline needs to be catchy and memorable, whilst also giving you enough information about the tone of the movie as possible. It's amazing, really, when you actually consider how much you can squeeze into a single solitary tagline. You can sum up the entire mood of a motion picture in about seven words if you take the time and effort to do it properly. Take Alien's iconic tagline, for example: "In space nobody can hear you scream." Not only is it inherently terrifying, but we also get that the movie is both sci-fi and horror. Sometimes, though, Hollywood forgets to take its time with taglines, because there are more important things to do, apparently, like chatting up that new secretary in the office. That's the only justification we can offer as to how the following taglines made it through the marketing department, presumably conjured up by an intern who was forced at gunpoint to "get creative or get out." It's truly and utterly bewildering as to how an intelligent human being cast their eyes upon the 13 taglines we've assembled here and said "okay, send it out." Seriously. How the heck did any of these happen?

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