13 Hyped Movie Roles That Were Total Cop-Outs

12. Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) - X-Men: Apocalypse

X Men Apocalypse Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac probably wasn't the name most X-Men fans were expecting when Fox announced the casting for iconic supervillain Apocalypse, but considering his immense talent as an actor, it was tough not to be intrigued.

To be clear, Isaac himself is not really to blame for how Apocalypse turned out. 90% of the problems lie with the utterly mediocre, generic script, which makes Apocalypse more akin to a lower-tier MCU villain than the X-Men franchise's equivalent of Thanos (Josh Brolin).

The other 10%? The damn costume design. The armoured suit looks too small and too silly to be truly intimidating, making Apocalypse too obviously resemble a person in a chinzy outfit with unconvincing makeup.

Isaac didn't really stand a chance, and though his booming line readings aren't really any good either, what was he supposed to do? The character was destined to be a dud with this treatment, and Bryan Singer didn't even get the Four Horsemen aspect right.

At least the MCU could potentially deliver their own Apocalypse in the future once the Disney/Fox merger has been completed.

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