13 Incredible Moments In Otherwise Forgettable Movies

Anyone remember The Losers?

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Who among us hasn't ever watched a completely mediocre, low-effort movie that perked them right up with one miraculously brilliant scene or moment that just came wildly out of nowhere?

To be clear, we're not talking about aggressively awful movies that pulled off one great flukey scene - the brilliant opening credits in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, for instance - but movies that were simply intensely unremarkable and easy to forget until they gave us one shockingly good thing actually worth remembering...

13. The Pool Scene - The Strangers: Prey At Night

Strangers Prey At Night Pool
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The Movie: Though it barely hit cinemas six months ago, this far-too-late tangential sequel to the 2008 hit horror film The Strangers has already evaporated from most people's memories. For the most part this is a generic, boring slasher movie that cynically milks the "brand" for another go-around.

The Scene: Near the end of the movie, young Luke (Lewis Pullman) finds himself facing off against the Strangers pool-side, leading to him and one of the killers tumbling into the pool as Bonnie Tyler's iconic "Total Eclipse of the Heart" plays out.

The stomach-knottingly unsettling scene sees Luke stabbed following an intense struggle, being left to bleed out in the pool as the bag-wearing maniac makes his exit. In his single memorable directorial flourish, Johannes Roberts lingers long on Luke as blood leaks from his body and Tyler's song takes on a deeply melancholic tenor.

Thankfully he's just barely rescued by his sister Kinsey (Bailee Madison), providing some much-needed catharsis at the end of an uncommonly queasy sequence.

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