13 Most Anticipated Upcoming Original Movie Characters

Time for a taste of Jack Daniels.

Kingsman The Golden Circle Pedro Pascal

There is no great movie without great characters, and though it's fair to say that Hollywood has an unhealthy obsession with selling our childhoods back to us and basically dining out on its past successes, every so often a new creation arrives on the scene full of promise.

These 13 characters in upcoming movies are entirely new, original creations, and thanks to both canny casting and the delicious potential of the roles themselves, will very likely end up the big highlights of their respective projects...short of an absolute disaster.

From exciting new heroes to potentially awesome new villains, with actors playing massively against type and maybe even having more fun than they've ever had in their careers before, these are the characters who just might bring a much-needed burst of charming originality to Hollywood, and renew your faith that it's not all just about lazy nostalgia and soulless retreads...


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