13 Movie Hoaxes That Completely Fooled Everyone

They got us all.

The Blair Witch Project
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Though the worldwide adoption of the Internet over the last two decades has made it increasingly easy to weed out bulls*** hoaxes and loony urban legends, the current political climate of "fake news" is nevertheless perfect proof of how easily the general public can be tricked and misled.

Far away from the political arena, this has manifested in less-harmful ways in the entertainment industry, and especially Hollywood. Ever since filmmaking has existed, there have been rumours, myths and conspiracy theories that have cast a darkly fascinating pall over classic movies.

While these hoaxes have since been easily debunked online, at the time of their creation - most of them pre-dating the Internet - they were widely believed by many.

Though it's easy to look back and scoff at the simpletons of decades past buying into these "blatant" hoaxes, without the tools we have at our disposal nowadays, it's at least understandable why most of these claims actually gained traction.

And on the plus side, most of these hoaxes at least add some ominous intrigue to their respective films, so there's that...

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