13 Movie Moments That Surprised The Hell Out Of The Audience

Mind genuinely blown.

As Kirby Ferguson€™s web series told us, €œEverything is a Remix:" all of the big hits and films are variations on the same stories, told over and over again, with the serial numbers filed off and repackaged to make them look new. But sometimes, in those remixes, an original moment crops up; sometimes it€™s subtle, but it changes the entire way you look at the concept, and sometimes it€™s strong, making you reassess the entire subject. And sometimes it€™s so jaw-droppingly stunning that you have to pick yourself up off the floor, thinking, €œDid that really just happen?!€ These are the moments that endure: the mind-blowing, or mind-bending flashes of brilliance or difference that the film's success ultimately distils down to, and the ones that will endlessly be recycled, with "you won't believe what happens..." at their front. Not always brilliant, these moments defy expectations in a way that is infinitely valuable to particularly well-versed movie audiences who grow cynical and weary in their familiarity with endlessly replayed tropes, and they deserve their plaudits. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of moments where something happened that, given the conventions of the genres the films inhabit, the writers/directors/actors did something that made us do what can only be described as "Neo face"...
Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you don€™t want to know, don€™t read the entry for that film.

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